so, i decided to try my best at remaking one of my favorite scrubs. this is really good at making your skin soft and smooth, and it moisturizes and brightens it! i like to use it before shaving for really smooth legs.

you will need:

what to do:

  1. cut open the avocados and scoop their insides into a mixing bowl. mash them up with a fork before mixing until most lumps are gone.
  2. add the coconut oil and mix until evenly blended.
  3. add the lime juice and stir with the rubber spatula until evenly blended.
  4. add the salts while stirring until the scrub has a consistent texture.
  5. if you’d like, scoop the scrub into a separate container with the spatula to store for later use.

and that’s it! i’d recommend storing it in the fridge while not in use since there’s no preservatives in it or anything. and citrus can be harsh on your face, so i would stick to using it on your legs/arms/whatever other non facial regions you want smooth.


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